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Week #1 - Lead Funnel Strategies
In week one you'll learn the core formula for creating lead funnels for ANY local business. This information is truly priceless and will help you bank recurring for years to come.
  • How to Develop a Funnel from Scratch Based on the Industry
  • Structuring Your Lead Funnels for Maximum Profit
  • The Three Major Components to Any Successful Local Lead Funnel
  • The Step-by-Step process we use to break down any niche
Week #2 - Targeted Traffic Tactics
In order to drive leads you first need traffic that you can convert consistently. We tap the biggest ponds on the web with laser targeted strategies. During this week we'll break down exactly how we do that
  • The Simple Google Ad Strategies we Use to Drive Leads without Being an 'Expert'.
  • Key components and our 5 minute ad creation strategey for any business
  • Core Facebook Ad strategies we leverage to drive leads again without needing to be an 'expert'.
  • Step by step guide to getting a ton of organic search traffic for any business you work with.
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Week #3 - Lead Capture Sites
Once you have a good source of traffic you need a solid web property (website or landing page) to convert them into an email lead or even phone call. During this week you'll learn all of our lead capture tactics.
  • How to build an effective landing page that turns prospectsu00a0into buyers.
  • Making sure your website keeps it's focus on converting leads into new business
  • The one thing to always focus on, on every web property
Week #4 - Leads into Buyers
Once you've taken a prospect from cold traffic to an lead then next step is turn them into a paying customer. During the final week we'll show you our lead closing tactics that do just that.
  • Using remarketing to bring prospects back in front of us.
  • Coupon and deal strategies to get customers off the fence.
  • Multi-Channel followup, and why it works.
  • Final Q & A Session with recap
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Plus You Get Key Resources & the Recordings for Later!
Slides in a PDF
We know it can be a hassle to sift through a recording to find that one slide you forget to take notes from! To make things easy for you we will convert the presentations into PDF's you can review later.
Weekly Action Plans
As you can see this course is very step by step and we'll be including action plans for you to follow along. These are designed to help you take the right steps in the right order when creating lead funnels.
Recording Downloads
Yep! You'll get access to the recordings of each session once they are rendered and ready to go. We'll host them in your membership area and you'll have the option to download them to your own computer as well.

The formula we use to create lead funnels for ANY local business is truly the most valuable thing you can learn in my humble opinion. Having the ability to essentially drive leads on demand makes YOU in demand.

Since you can't make the live calls we've made the recordings, PDF's & Action plans available for you at a much lower cost.

You can still get all the same information and have the power to drive leads for any business and build big time recurring.

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