"Copy-Paste Our Lead Funnel Strategy That's Driven Over 12,000 Phone Calls to Auto Repair Businesses While Collecting High Ticket Recurring for Years to Come..."

Watch the Video Below to Learn More

  • Proven System for Landing Auto Repair Clients
  • Drive Leads for these Niches on Autopilot
  • Charge $1k/mo or More for These Leads Funnels
  • WP Plugin Automates the Process of Driving Longtail Buyer Leads!
"Works for All Types of Automotive Aftermarket Niches that desperately Need Your Help!"
Windshield Repair
windshield repair
Easily Drive them a High Volume of Leads with this Urgent Need Niche
Transmission Repair
Tire Repair
Nice high margins make for an easy ROI with easy to beat competition
Body Work and Paint
High Cost with Little Risk to Customers Paying with Insurance Usually
Oil Change Shops
Oil Change
Amazing Lifetime Value Per Customer with Multiple Visits Every Year
Tire Shops
Tire Repair 2
Easy to Make Sales for Them By Staying "top of mind" with this system
Full Service Mechanic
oil change 2
Best of both worlds: High Margins and Great Lifetime Value Per Customer
These Businesses Have a Great Lifetime Value Per Customer and/or high Margins! They will happily pay recurring for years and increase their budget if you can bring them new customers!
Here's the Good News for YOU...
"This Proven System Sends HIGH Quality Leads & Phone Calls to these Businesses Like Clockwork..."

As you can imagine our clients LOVE seeing leads come in from these targeted longtail BUYER keywords because these are people in their exact area, looking for the exact services they offer.

The longtail ranking strategy that we developed works like gangbusters for auto repair shops and we can even take it to another level by targeting make + model!

Not only do we show you how this method works but we created a WP Plugin that automates this part of the system in just a few clicks!

Just take a look at the amount of calls pouring into our clients from this system...

There is nothing that gets your clients excited about what you do than having their phone ring off the hook with verified leads you are sending them that turn into new business.

In fact using this system we've sent over 12,000 phone calls to just ONE of the shops we work with! Those guys started out with one location and now have two since working with us.

Since we've undeniably helped their business grow they've increased their budget several times from $500/mo when they first started to now paying over $6,000/mo with us! 

This Lead Gen System Produces Such Powerful Results Shops Stick with us for YEARS and Often Increase Their Budget Over Time...

As you can see we have multiple clients paying us from $500-1200 a month for these types of lead gen funnels!

As you can also see some of those clients have been paying us for YEARS (50+ Months), that should tell you what we are doing for them works.

Keep in mind these stats above don't show clients that pay by check or with Paypal, these are simply clients on file with our merchant account.

The reason we are able to keep clients coming back again and again is because the leads we send them actually convert to NEW BUSINESS.

"The KEY To Keeping Auto Repair Shops Paying You High Ticket Recurring for YEARS is Driving Them NEW BUSINESS on a Regular Basis..."

Neil Macpherson here on behalf of myself, my business partner Robert Dickson and our launch partner Valerie Duvall.

The three of us have been working with clients for 10+ years each, servicing hundreds of clients in a wide variety of niches.

You could say we've been around the block enough to learn what works AND what doesn't work.

Neil Macpherson

We all stared out just like you, with little resources or knowledge but some ambition to become success selling digital services.

In the beginning we struggled like so make other marketers we work with do and eventually figured out how to build a successful recurring six figure agency without constantly selling.

Robert and I met at an event in Las Vegas about 7 or 8 years ago and that's when we realized that we really went about things the same way when it came to running our client businesses.

We focus on methods that get clients coming to us, ready to buy high ticket services. When you do it this way it's more like taking an order than ever selling or hard closing.

In addition we've found that leading with a profitable front end service that leads to your monthly recurring services works great for building trust and closing deals.

Our core focus is always RECURRING MONTHLY income because that's what truly allows us to live the good life and never be under pressure to make sales to keep the lights on.

On top of that we find it best to focus on a handful of niches you like to work with that you can really get amazing results for because that's what keeps them paying you long term.

Generally we are looking for niches that have a great lifetime value per customer or good margins (so it's easy to get them a return on their investment each month) and are always growing.

While many marketers tend to overlook the automotive aftermarket we've found it to be a great niche to work in for several reasons but most importantly...

"Many Shop Owners are Mechanics by Trade making them easy to get a hold of, but terrible at marketing their business, they need Your Help!"

Why the Automotive Aftermarket?

  • Easy to Contact The Business Owner
  • Great Lifetime Value Per Customer
  • Consistent Demand for Leads
  • They Desperately Need Marketing Help

We love working with Auto Repair shops because they are generally pretty down to earth people that aren't hard to get a hold of and really need our help.

The lifetime value of their customers is better than you'd think (see below) making it easy to get them a good return on their investment with our lead gen strategies.

They also have a consistent need for new customers which makes them a perfect fit for long term monthly marketing.

This 800 billion dollar Niche is Steadily Growing!
auto growth 1
industry growth 2
Plus it's Easy to Get these Clients a Great ROI with a Substantial Lifetime Value Per Customer We Send Them!

As you can see the math is pretty simple here!

With an average cost of $817 per year X 6 years average ownership = $4, 902 PER 1.9 VEHICLES

Combine that with the average person owning 9.4 vehicles in their lifetime  X the figure above...

That's a potential lifetime value per family of $24,452 and that doesn't include referrals!

Consider people may recommend the shop or have a family of five that all own vehicles.

The bottom line is just one new customer, can lead to a TON of long term revenue for auto shops.

"Competition For Local Auto Repair Customers is Fierce & Desperate Shop Owners Will Happily Pay Monthly Recurring for Good Leads..."
oil change shops

With a shop seemingly around every corner in every town competition for new customers is massive when it comes to auto repair.

This means businesses that aren't front and center in their customers mind with a positive experience will lose out to their competition.

In today's day and age we know as marketers that it's more imperative than ever that a business have solid online presence if they intend to survive this new era.

Auto repair is one of this markets that has a fairly urgent need, when your car is broke you want it fixed asap!

More often than not users are going to go to Google search to find a good mechanic in their area placing a priority on reputation management and local SEO.

It's critical that clients are seen as having a good reputation and ranking high in the search results in order to drive a steady flow of new customers.

The problem is many businesses have bad ratings that are killing their rankings and costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Once you point this out to an auto repair shop and offer to help them fix it they are all ears but the key is to be able to deliver results fast!

The good news is...

"We developed a Proven System that Improves Shops Reputations & Rankings While Driving RED HOT Leads Fast with Our Proven Ad Strategies!"

Over the years we've tried a variety of strategies for marketing auto repair shop and these days we have it down to a science.

We leverage what we call a "lead Funnel" positioned as a monthly marketing package that sells with ease and keeps clients paying you for years to come!

What we do is combine the best traffic sources for these clients with high converting web properties that drive leads and phone calls, sometimes even directly from the ads.

Then we implement specific strategies for each industry that help turn those leads into buyers and lifetime customers!

This system is tested and proven to the tune of 12,000 phone calls sent to just ONE of our clients!

Don't you think if you had a proven Plug-n-Play system that you can build signficant recurring income on near autopilot by driving leads for auto repair shops?

We know you can because we've proven how easy it is to get amazing results and bank long term recurring income with this system. Now you can put it to use in your business with our step-by-step training!

Auto Industry Takeover is Our Proven System for Driving RED HOT Buyer Leads to Auto Repair Shops While Collecting High Ticket Recurring for Years to Come!
Proven System Drives RED HOT Buyer Leads for the Automotive Aftermarket on Autopilot!
Check out just a few of the things you'll learn inside...
The Windshield repair Strategy that Floods Your Clients with Phone Calls
How to Turn an Oil Change Lead into a Valuable Lifetime Customer
How to Keep Full Service Mechanics in the Top of Customers Minds
Transmission Repair - Key points they can use in the messaging to set them apart
The Strategy that helps Tire Shops Dominate their Local Market
Body Work - How to leverage buyers insurance to make closing the deal easier.
The Dead Simple Adwords Strategy that brings in a flood of new business
How to tap into your clients mailing lists to drive more leads
Reputation strategies to bring shoot your clients to the top of Google Maps
Leveraging coupons to effectively turn leads into buyers
How to create a Lead funnel for each type of auto shop
The strategy we used to drive over 12,000 leads to one windshield repair client.
How to track all of your form submission and phone calls effectively
How to report to your clients in a way that keeps them paying you for years to come!
The Value in Advance Strategy for Landing Auto shop Clients like clockwork!
Get Instant Access to Auto Industry Takeover, Site Ranker Pro Auto Edition (plus bonuses) & Start Building Your Recurring Empire Today...
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*** Extremely Limited Software Bonus***
Automate Our Local SEO Content Method that Gets TONS of longtail Buyer Keyword Rankings for Auto Repair Shops with our WP Plugin...

The method that we discovered for our clients is all about simply leveraging what Google is looking for with the fact that auto shops service a large area with a variety of services.

We figured it out once we realized two very important things...

#1 - Google loves Content

#2 - Google Rewards Relevancy

It's no secret that Google rewards sites that have more authority and that it ranks the pages of those sites higher if they contain content relevant to the search term it's ranking for.

So what we started doing some years ago was leveraging these facts to get our clients longtail rankings through the use of relevant content pages.

Instead of simply letting our clients have a "service page" and hoping that ranked we would create a page for each service they offered combined with every city they serviced.

From the very first time we applied this the results were off the charts.

The problem was creating all of the pages for the 'city' + 'service' combinations was extremely time consuming.

That's why we created a WP Plugin that would do the entire process in just a few clicks. We've been using it since 2014 and released the first version to the public in 2016 with our students getting similar results.

To take it a step further for our Automotive Clients we made a customized version that includes Vehicle types pre-loaded into the system allowing you to create pages for things like Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Repair Lakewood, CO that are highly targeted and rank with ease!

Check out the kind of results SR PRO Delivers...
With SR Pro Auto Edition You Can Drive Red Hot Buyer Leads in Just a Few Clicks!
Site Ranker Pro: Automotive Edition
This plugin sells everyday for $97 but since we wanted to give you everything you need to succeed with this method, we're including it as a bonus!
You can use Site Ranker Pro on 10 client sites and easily charge them $1k+ for creating all these pages!
Once these pages are indexed in Google watch the rankings roll in for tons of longtail buyer keywords and your organic traffic go through the roof!
The best part is these are real local leads that you can get calling your clients using the methods we teach in the course.
By combining SR Pro with what you'll learn in Auto Industry Takeover you'll be ready to dominate these niches and collect big time recurring fees!
Watch the Demo Below to See How Easy it is to Use...

Normally to create 1,000's of targeted pages for your clients to rank it would take tons of man hours but with SR PRO you can leverage this method in Three Simple Steps in just minutes!

Not only does SR Pro bring help you rank for tons of longtail keywords but it also helps your clients overall rankings as Google rewards sites with more relevant content!

With just minutes of work you can dramatically increase your clients traffic by sending them legitimate "foot traffic" leads that are looking to buy. Once you are driving leads like these you literally become "un-fireable" .

Most importantly you can charge $1,000/ month in recurring services for driving these leads to your clients and you can do it with just minutes of work while getting paid monthly!

Everything that is included When You Buy Today...
Complete System for Driving Leads and Building Recurring
lead gen system 2
You'll learn the entire system we use to drive leads for for auto repair shops including our lead funnel strategies, recurring services and client landing! You'll even learn how to bill and report monthly so you can keep getting paid!
Step-by-Step Video Training Series
All of our training is hosted in a private and secure members area with 24/7 access. You can follow the entire system step-by-step in just a couple hours or you skip ahead to any video you like to get those golden nuggets right away with our Easy to Browse video training library.
Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Because we know not everybody learns the same we've included both a PDF quick start guide that breaks down the system. We designed this course so you can digest it quickly and put it to use immediately!
Lead Funnel Maps for Each Type of Shop (6)
marketing funnel
For each type of shop that we work with we've created a lead funnel that ultimately sends them leads on a monthly basis. You'll get all six of these lead funnel maps so you ca duplicate them for your own clients whenever you like!
Checklists for Each Niche Based Funnel
The main way we create lead funnels is by combining a package of recurring services with custom strategies depending on the industry. To make it easy to implement we've created a checklist for each type of shop you may want to work with.
Site Ranker Pro WordPress Plugin
As a BONUS you get our Site Ranker Pro Auto Edition plugin (10 site license) for FREE! This plugin is easy to use, includes video training and a quick start guide. You can literally have this running on your site in minutes and start bringing in those longtail buyer rankings FAST!

We've included everything you need to dominate these High Value Automotive Aftermarket niches and build big time recurring income that sticks for years to come.

Whether you're looking to build an entire business around the auto repair niche or simply add this lucrative service to your existing agency, this training will be the perfect course to get you started.

By combining our proven lead gen funnel with the Site Ranker Pro Automotive Edition plugin you'll be able to start driving red hot leads for these businesses FAST.

We could easily sell this training on it's own for $197 and it would be a complete steal. The Massive Bonuses alone are worth nearly $1,000. Right now you can get this entire system PLUS our Site Ranker Pro Auto Edition ($97 Value) for a fraction of that.

Get Instant Access to Auto Industry Takeover, Site Ranker Pro Auto Edition (plus bonuses) & Start Building Your Recurring Empire Today...
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See What People Are Saying About Our Training Products...
We've also Included Several Killer Bonuses To Give you a Massive Advantage...

The main training course has everything you need to get started today but we decided to include several bonuses that will really help you hit the ground running.

Two aspects to making this system work are landing new clients in the first place and since reputation is such a big deal in this niche, making sure you can improve their star ratings.

We've got you covered with perfect FID in the client landing strategy and system for increasing reviews for ANY business!

Live Group Coaching Call on Reputation Management Strategies ($197 Value)

The automotive industry is one that people are already VERY leary of because most of us have had a bad experience or two at some point.

That's why reviews and star ratings are SO CRITICAL to helping these clients increase their business. We've developed several strategies over the years for doing just that and we're going to break them down on this live call!

You'll also learn a great way to land clients for these lead funnels using rep management as the perfect Foot in the Door!

Recurring Services Proposal Template ($497 Value)

One of the hardest parts of closing the deal is putting together a high quality proposal that you can send over to "soft close" your prospects.

With this exclusive bonus we've got you covered! You'll get the exact proposal template that we use to close deals in our business pre-loaded with services you'll be offering to aftermarket automotive businesses!

Plus you get exclusive training on how to use this template to create winning proposals every time!

And Now for the Icing on the Cake We've Included a Few More Bonuses you are going to love...

Because we know that everybody tends to start from a different place (newbie, intermediate, advanced) we decided to include some additional assistance in getting your agency or consulting business off the ground!

You get our agency crash course, pricing guide for key services and access to our private mastermind!

Digital Client Crash Course ($97 Value)

This crash course is highly valuable for newbies and veterans alike! We literally give you a crash course (13 videos) on running a six figure agency the way we do it.
You'll learn how to get started fast, find good outsourcers to help you out, deliver front end, recurring services and even how to report to your clients.
This is a great course to help you get going fast!
dccc box

Pricing Guide for Key Services ($197 Value)

One of the biggest things we see our students struggle with is pricing services so that you are making a nice profit while still delivering value to your clients.

While there isn't an exact science to pricing your services we have a developed a system for coming up with a good price for our common services.

This will give you a great guide to pricing your recurring monthly packages in a way that keeps clients paying for years!.

Digital Client Mastermind ($97 Value)

In addition to giving you all the training, tools and support you need to make this work we are also giving you access to our Mastermind Group.

In this group you'll find like minded marketers that are also taking on clients, generating local leads, running killer agencies and making it happen just like you. Get feedback, listen to others success stories or connect with others in the group!


We've included everything you need to dominate these High Value Automotive Aftermarket and build big time recurring income that sticks for years to come.

Whether you're looking to build an entire business around the auto repair niche or simply add this lucrative service to your existing agency, this training will be the perfect course to get you started.

By combining our proven lead gen funnel with the Site Ranker Pro Automotive Edition plugin you'll be able to start driving red hot leads for these businesses FAST.

We could easily sell this training on it's own for $197 and it would be a complete steal. The Massive Bonuses alone are worth nearly $1,000. Right now you can get this entire system PLUS our Site Ranker Pro Auto Edition ($97 Value) for a fraction of that.

Get Instant Access to Auto Industry Takeover, Site Ranker Pro Auto Edition (plus bonuses) & Start Building Your Recurring Empire Today...
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Don't Pass Up Your Chance To Build High Ticket Recurring from Auto Repair Shops Using Our Cutting Edge Lead Gen Funnel!
By now you know that recurring income is the lifeblood of your agency and you should be doing everything you can to build that empire.

You also know that auto repair shops are the perfect recurring client with a high demand for leads, high lifetime value per customer and that we can take advantage of longtail traffic in a major way.

Once you understand how this lead gen system works you'll have the power to drive leads consistently for contractors and keep them paying monthly for years to come!

Not only that but we are literally giving you our WP Plugin that automates the SEO method that gets tons of longtail buyer keywords for contractors!

With feirce competition for leads these businesses need your help and will happily keep paying you for years, often increasing their budget over time.

There is no better way to build a recurring business than by driving real customers on autopilot to these shops and with our proven system you can do over and over.

Auto shops are the perfect under the radar niche and with this package you have EVERYTHING you need to drive them fresh new leads every month.

We're giving you the entire step by step training course, a lead funnel map for each type of business and even checklists to make delivering the recurring services simple.

By combining that with the magic of Site Ranker Pro Auto Edition we've left no stone unturned here.

This is clearly a very special launch offer and we will be raising the price significantly after the launch period is over.

If you're on the fence, don't wait or you'll miss out on the chance to basically steal this from us.

Grab this right now and start putting it to use in your business immediately!

Get Instant Access to Auto Industry Takeover, Site Ranker Pro Auto Edition (plus bonuses) & Start Building Your Recurring Empire Today...
Use Code 'Auto20' for $20 Off at Checkout
See You on the Inside!

Neil Macpherson

Robert Dickson

Valerie Duvall

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Can I get support if Needed?
Absolutely! We have a top notch support team to make sure you are taken care of as fast as possible. Robert and I regularly handle customer emails as well as give personal advice in our mastermind group. With us you can be sure you are not out there on your own, we are here to help make sure you are successful with our training.

Are there any additional costs involved?
Nope, that's what's great about this system! We show you how to land clients without spending money, the software automates the SEO strategy and your clients pay for the ad spend! The best part is you can sell this funnel over and over for pure profit! Not only that but it only takes a handful of auto repair shops to build a substantial recurring income.
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